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Byron Donaldson Shows His Strength

Congressman from Florida isn’t going to take the lies of the Democrats, Biden and the Media Click Here for Story

Did A Trump Juror Discuss Guilty Verdict Before the Trial Conclusion?

Yet another flag that Judge Merchan’s trial was rigged or some type of scam? Click Here for Details

Don’t Believe The Jobs Report?

The data is being manipulated and you can probably guess why Click Here for Story

Biden Fascists Arrest Whistleblowing Doctor

Next on Biden’s list to be arrested after going after opposing political party members? Doctors who try to protect children are getting arrested Click Here for Story

Expert: Summer gas blends will raise fuel prices

Federal government reports cleanest air since 1970

Deep State Villains

Unveiling ‘Big Intel’: How the CIA and FBI became deep state villains

Big Tech and Big Government is a Big Problem Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Healthy diet and regular exercise could slow Alzheimer’s progression Click Here for Details

Losing Our Edge?

The US has long had better defenses than the rest of the world but is that no longer true? Click Here for Story

Total Hypocrite: Loser “Mooch” Scaramucci Says Trump Will Use the FBI Like The Gestapo?

You mean like Joe Biden is right now? Trump didn’t do it in his first term but Biden has for 4 years nowClick Here for Details

And More Hypocrisy from the Left…

Climate action

Biden and AOC push for $15 minimum wage…just not for their climate employees Click Here for Story

Stay Focused America

The Deep State, The Democrats and the Media want you distracted and confused before the 2024 election Click Here for Story

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