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Vlad’s High Five?

Did Russia down the US drone to impress Chinese President Xi? Click Here for Story

Proof of January 6th Setup?

Is there now proof the Feds set up the January 6th insurrection scam? Click Here for Details

Michigan regulator seeks proposals for audit of DTE, Consumers

First-of-its-kind audit seeks root causes of Michigan’s unreliable energy grid

How Dare You….

Hunter Biden says request in Arkansas court to change baby's name a  political move

Hunter Biden files lawsuit against repair shop that exposed his crimes? Click Here for Details

The Whitmer agenda is a sop to the rich

Whitmer proposes EV subsidies that would benefit the well-off Read more

Will Payoffs to Biden Family Be Exposed

Evidence is piling up? Click Here for Story

Picking and Choosing

Government will pick and choose which bank depositors will get their money back? Click Here for Story

US Looking Stupid?

European officials accuse the United States of mishandling the banking crisis Click Here for Story

US Northern Border Deteriorating

Illegal crossings across the US northern border increases tenfold Click Here for Story

War Crimes?

ICC is bringing war crimes charges for Putin? Click Here for Details

Backpedaling Newsom

Gavin Newsom's Ties to Silicon Valley Bank Raise Questions

California Governor back tracks on his attacks gainst oil companies? Click Here for Story


Rural Oregon is done with its urban liberals Click Here for Details

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