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Topped Out?

Highlights from Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist's raucous Florida  gubernatorial debate - ABC News

Has Governor Ron DeSantis already it his polling peak before he even throws his official hat in the ring? Click Here for Details

Parents Bill of Rights

GOP led House passes a Parent’s Bill of Rights allowing parents to have a say in how schools educate their children Click Here for Story

Government workers can’t be forced into unions even after right-to-work repeal

Know your Janus rights: For Michigan teachers, police, firefighters & others, worker freedom is guaranteed

Distracting From Nordstream Sabotage

Russia doesn’t want the West to forget about who blew up the Nordstream pipeline Click Here for Story

Michigan senators question DTE profits, state regulatory power

For a second straight week, Michigan lawmakers question whether DTE’s profits come at the cost of reliability Read more

Punishing Doctors For Speaking the Truth?

Doctor loses his ABFM certification for talking about the problems with vaccines? Click Here for Story

Iran Retaliates… for US Retaliation?

Are we headed back into Middle East conflict because Iran see America as weak? Click Here for Details

Hiding Biden Has Been Happening for a Long Time

Long before Hunter’s laptop the Biden’s have been trying to cover up shady business deals? Click Here for Details

The Squad Covers for China?

We're standing with the Squad in 2022 - Working Families Party

How much more treasonous can Democrats get in covering for the Chinese Communist Party’s Tik Tok surveillance? Click Here for Story

More Foot Shooting?

Biden Admin allows Iraq to pay Iran and bypass sanctions? Click Here for Details

Protecting Women’s Sports

Transgender female swimmer Lea Thomas.  (Getty Images)

Wyoming bans biological men from Women’s sports? Click Here for Details

Not A Happy Pair?

Biden is not happy with VP Kamala Harris how will that affect 2024 election? Click Here for Story

The Real Threat…China

The US and World need to wake up to the threat of China Click Here for Details


A bad idea even for the black community Click Here for Story

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