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Biden Makes Fool of Himself…Again

Tells US Troops in Poland they’ll be going to Ukraine??? Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Fails Again

Allows Pentagon to limit unvaccinated personnel from being deployed Click Here for Details

Karl Rove: GOP Traitor

Elitist and political pundit ordered smear job on GOP Senate candidate Click Here for Details

Manchin Lets Down His Conservative Constituents

Will support and vote for pedophile supporter to the Supreme Court? Click Here for Story

New Report Rebuts General Teacher Shortage Narrative

‘(H)ard to see the justification for the broad scope of the governor’s … bonus spending proposal’

From The Science Side…

Artificial Intelligence can tell heart problems by the sound of your voice? Click Here for Details

For Once Biden Isn’t Lying?

He’s predicting food shortages…and its because of his and Democrat policies Click Here for Story

Not A Protector of the Constitution

Ketanji Brown Jackson will not support the Constitution as a member of SCOTUS? Click Here for Details

Thank Goodness

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 2018

Justice Clarence Thomas released from hospital Click Here for Story

Latest News From the Lap Top From Hell…

Hunter’s laptop seems to confirm Bio Labs in Ukraine? Click Here for Details

Social Media Needs to Be Held Accountable

Congressman is seeking to preserve records from Twitter and Facebook over the Hunter Biden laptop, did Big Tech collude to hide the facts? Click Here for Story

Don’t Forget…Even Though Democrats and the Media Want You To

Biden Admin has still not rescued Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan Click Here for Details

Its All About Distraction

Democrats want the media to focus on the phony January 6th insurrection investigation to affect the election Click Here for Story

Apology Overdue

Biden needs to apologize to the Border Patrol Click Here for Details

Plan B?

Russia Signals Scaled-Back War Aims as Ukrainian Forces Gain Ground

Is Russia mulling a change in goals as their setback in Ukraine worsens? Click Here for Story


Caitlyn Jenner, left, had strong words about the athletic achievements of University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, right, shown at the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships on March 18 in Atlanta.

A man competing in woman’s sports is still not a woman Click Here for Details

Election Manipulation

Mark Zuckerberg should be guilty of election interference? Click Here for Story

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