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Abuse of the 1st Amendment If True?

Alleged FBI agents admit on video they are interrogating Americans for what they post on social media every day? Click Here for Story

Time To Punish the Media

The GOP needs to stop accepting the bad biased behavior of the liberal media Click Here for Story

Time For This Judge to Be Removed

Biased federal Judge handling January 6th protesters violates ethics by going on TV to rant against Trump and the January 6th protesters? Click Here for Details

For Palisades nuclear plant, there will be a future

Nuclear plant in southwest Michigan will power 17% of the homes in the state

Nazi American Universities

Legislators should withhold money from colleges and universities that are violating free speech? Click Here for Story

Dictators Don’t Like Bad Press

The Dark Brandon rises | The Hill

Biden not happy with the press covering his lousy poll numbers Click Here for Story

RFK Jr Now Looking for Biden’s Base?

Its not Trump that needs to worry about losing voters with Kennedy’s latest moves Click Here for Story

Blame Democrats for the Crime Wave And Rightfully So…

Democrat Governor gets confronted at funeral for slain officer due to her soft on crime policies? Click Here for Story

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