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Impeachment Filed Against Biden

Withholding military aid to Israel to gain votes from Americans who support Palestine? Click Here for Details

Whitmer gives the state billions in pork, corporate welfare, not better roads

A slight improvement in roads matched by their continued long-term decline

Merchan Covering His Tracks?

Judge Merchan stopped Trump’s attorneys from a subpoena of a former prosecutors Click Here for Story

Solar Storm?

Image shows a solar flare exploding from the Sun's surface, A severe solar storm is expected this weekend.

The newest media scare tactic or could it really affect much of the globe? Click Here for Story And Here for More Info

Statewide bill on short-term rentals not needed, local official says

‘Look to your local ordinance and enforce the same’ Read more

Tension With China Increasing

China’s claims in the South China Sea are dangerous and provacative Click Here for Story

Vaccine Confessions

What IS Dr. Deborah Birx saying about the Covid vaccines now? Click Here for Details

Biden Stabs Israel In the Back…

And you can thank Bernie Sanders for it? Click Here for Details

Going For It?

Israelis tanks encircle eastern Rafah, is the last push against Hamas terrorists ready to start ? Click Here for Story

Who IS Behind the Attacks on Tesla Berlin?

The Berlin Tesla Gigafactory has been been attacked by rioters Click Here for Story

Never Trumpers Having Second Thoughts

Did it finally take Biden’s betrayal of Israel to get them to finally understand? Click Here for Details

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