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Congress Love’s That DEI?

IS Congress secretly trying to add more DEI to your life? Click Here for Story

Drug Test Biden?

Trump says Biden should be drug tested before the debate Click Here for Story


South Carolina Governor says Illegals getting voter registrations are not a problem? Click Here for Story

Why IS Government Attacking Christians?

Kansas City in the hot seat for attacking pro-Christian football star Click Here for Details

Charter school advocate says state education board accusations inaccurate

Advocate responds after resolution calls for more regulation

Do Not Question Us…

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin doesn’t want Justice Alito to weigh in on Election Fraud Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Bullies

The Democrat Deep State knows Biden can’t win and are entrenching leftist rules to thwart an incoming Trump Admin? Click Here for Story

Fair Debates? Not A Chance

Jake Tapper - Wikiquote

1st Presidential debate will be moderated by a Trump hating liberal Click Here for Story

Just Another Reason to Impeach Biden

Biden’s foreign oil policies smack of political favoritism and dangers to the US National Security Click Here for Details

Why Hide It Joe?

Why is the Biden Admin fighting so hard to hide the interview tapes of Joe Biden and Special Counsel Robert Hur? Click Here for Story

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