The News You Need to Know Saturday May 8, 2012

Space Debris

What’s with China’s rogue rocket re-entry Click Here for Story

Dirty Democrat

Why is the Arizona Secretary of State working so hard to stop the Arizona Audit? what is she hiding? Click Here for Details

IS America Slipping Into China’s History

Socialism, Intolerance and Violence from the left look familiar Click Here for Story

Pfizer Goes for Full Approval

Seeks full approval from FDA for vaccine Click Here for Details

Wake Up! China IS a Threat to the World

China looks to establish Atlantic naval base in West Africa for its submarines and aircraft carriers Click Here for Story

Withholding the Routers

What are Maricopa officials hiding by keeping routers from auditors? Click Here for Details

Shell Game

Biden Admin is not controlling the border just playing games with moving illegals around with taxpayer money Click Here for Story


Then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden prays in a Kenosha, Wisc. Church in September 2020. (Photo by Jim WatsonAFP via Getty Images)

“God” is missing from Biden’s National Day of Prayer Speech Click Here for Details

Foreign Interference

Swiss Billionaire gives millions to Democrat Eric Holder to affect gerrymandering Click Here for Details

Democrats Are NOT the Party of Diversity

GOP Transgender candidate not acceptable to Democrats Click Here for Story

Biden’s Racist Farm Policy

Disabled white farmer denied same help given to minority farmers Click Here for Story

The Real Authortarians

Democrats look to turn the US into a totalitarian communist state Click Here for Story

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