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Hamas Tunnels Use Hospitals as Shields

Churches schools and hospitals being used to hide Hamas terror operations Click Here for Story

The Stupidity That Is Canada

Canadian Human Rights Commission says Christian holidays are systemically racist? Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Eating meat and dairy might actually help fight cancer? Click Here for Story

In Michigan, regulations contribute to high housing costs

Half as many housing permits were issued in 2022 as in 2005 in Michigan

Surveillance State

Secret phone surveillance on Americans by the US government Click Here for Story

China Pumping a New P(l)andemic?

Has China unleashed another pandemic or is this just another hyped plandemic by the media and the communists Click Here for Story

Calling Out The Lying Media

The mainstream media wanted to portray Hamas as victims after their heinous attack but the proof of their giant terror tunnel network proves them to be a strong and merciless terror network Click Here for Details

Musk Right to Sue Media Matters

Lies by media groups need to be addressed civilly if there is not recourse criminally Click Here for Story

Chauvin Stabbed in Prison

Railroaded into a murder charge former officer Derek Chauvin now gets stabbed in Federal Prison Click Here for Details

Smoke and Mirrors

While real election fraud gets ignored by courts, media and prosecutors Trump supporters continue to get hammered for questioning the illegitimate election Click Here for Story

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