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The Arizona Audit

Major fraud found in Arizona Election Audit Click Here for Story

Idiot in Chief

President Joe Biden's job approval ratings drop as crisis in Afghanistan  mounts

Majority thinks Biden is just an idiot? Click Here for Story

Biden Threatens Border Patrol

Horse issue puts Biden on the wrong side of justice again Click Here for Details

… And Its Debunked

Biden and Democrats lying to push their open border narrative Click Here for Story

I-Phone Apps Still Track?

Even without permission some I-Phone apps are tracing you Click Here for Story

Traverse City News Outlet Reports ‘Teacher Shortage’ With Debunked Myth, Bad Data, Biased Sources

Story’s title, conclusions and sources all misleading and demonstrably wrong

Building Back Worse

Biden Agenda is destroying America not rebuilding it Click Here for Story

Dirty John

Joe, Biden, John McCain in Philadelphia, 2017

Senator John McCain was spreading misinformation about Trump Click Here for Story

Fascist FDA

FDA Official has plans for the unvaccinated and those who wouldn’t toe his line? Click Here for Details

Not Telling

These Haitian migrants are part of a group of 15,000 people who camped on the US side of the border, in Del Rio, Texas.  (Photo by PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images)

DHS Secretary Mayorkas has bungled border security and now refuses to tell Americans how many illegals he is releasing into the country Click Here for Story

Biden Won’t Talk

Biden Continues to Snub Press - This Week's Word Count: 10

Refusing to speak to the Press? Click Here for Details

Green Energy Not Following the Science?

Geothermal gets no love from the Green movement because there isn’t enough special interest money in it? Click Here for Story

Landowners Fighting Back

More government over reach on Americans property Click Here for Details

Biden Kid Cages

Senator Cruz tells Democrats to visit the US southern border and see the cages that Biden keeps children in Click Here for Story

CDC Director Isn’t Following Science Either

Over rules science advisory panel on boosters for Vaccines Click Here for Details

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