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Iran Attacks Israel

Israel-Iran Tensions LIVE Updates ...

Iran makes good on its threat to retaliate for the killing of one its own commanders Click Here for Details

Looks Like Child Trafficking?

More Cuban minors are coming alone to ...

Biden’s Open Border has seen half a million children with no parent cross into the US Click Here for Story

Iran Hijacked Container Ship?

Iranian commandos have allegedly hijacked an Israeli linked container ship in the Red Sea Click Here for Details

Was Burisma Energy Company Involved in Terrorism?

Kremlin announces investigation as to Burisma financing the terror attack inside Russia Click Here for Story

Member of state ed board called for ending charter schools

Board of Ed member who said in 2016, ‘charter schools should end,’ among those voting to have state, school districts, veto new charter schools

The Federal Government WANTS to Spy on Americans

Johnson catches heat for 'tiebreaker ...

Its all about more control for the out of control Federal government Click Here for Details

Congressional Capture

How Special interests including the intel agencies and deep state control Congressional members Click Here for Story

More Un-Constitutional Rules From DOJ’s Merrick Garland

What part of keep and bear arms does our Federal government not understand Click Here for Story

Deep Dive on the FISA Bill: Its Not Over Yet?

The deep intrigues on process of how this bill is getting maneuvered through Congress Click Here for Details

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