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Government Will Keep Spying on Americans

Senate passes FISA renewal giving over reaching powers to Federal agencies to spy on Americans Click Here for Story

RFK Jr. The Spoiler in Michigan?

R.F.K. Jr. Raises New Uncertainty for Biden in Michigan

Will RFK Jr take Michigan off Biden’s hopeful win list? Click Here for Details

Kids Out of Control

Contrary to Salt Lake Tribune 'fact-check,' photos and videos appear to show multiple students dressed and behaving as furries at Utah school

are we allowing our children to identify as animals? Click Here for Story

Americans Should Be Angry

Democrats and RINOs are funding foreign countries but refusing to secure America’s own borders Click Here for Details

Who Is Playing With The Jobs Numbers?

Statistically impossible reporting numbers? Click Here for Story

The Man Who Changed America

Donald Trump has forever changed America by exposing the corruption of our out of control government Click Here for Story

Well Well, Illegals Expect YOU to Learn Their Language?

Your open border is going to destroy your culture and lifestyle Click Here for Story

Soros Controls the EU?

The same degenerate who is ruining America’s political scene already controls the EU and is leading them into war Click Here for Story

What Was Up With The Lackluster Results of Iran’s Attack?

They may look weak with a large but mostly failed drone and missile attack but is there more to the story? Click Here for Story

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