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Time for Justice?

Hunter Biden is pictured at the funeral of his brother, Beau.

IS the investigation into Hunter and the Biden family finally getting noticed? Click Here for Story


Biden nominee for Labor Secretary is completely unqualified Click Here for Story

The CapCon Guide: What to know about right-to-work in Michigan, post-repeal

Government employees can’t be forced to pay unions, even after Michigan loses right-to-work status

Good News for Lake Mead and Lake Powell

Much higher snow packs in the mountains is good news for reservoirs and lakes in the west Click Here for Details

China Getting the Upper Hand in Space?

Satellite in space

China developing the ability to hijack satellites Click Here for Story

The United Nation’s Child Sex Problem

GOP Senators urge our UN Ambassador to not support UN resolution that promotes sex with minors Click Here for Story

Congressional War Simulation Turns Bad?

Simulation report says the US cannot stop China from invading Taiwan Click Here for Details

Ties to China?

Why do election related corporations all seem to have ties to China? Click Here for Story

Useless “Republicans”

RINOs are not helping America when they help push Democrat’s progressive agenda Click Here for Story

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