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Did Gascon Cheat?

Did the progressive, criminal loving LA District Attorney find a way to beat his recall? Polling indicates residents of LA don’t believe he could have survived the recall Click Here for Details

Public Schools Can’t Be Trusted?

New Project Veritas will expose school systems brainwashing children with the liberal socialist agenda Click Here for Story

Student Loan Political Bribery

Will bribing students by paying off their loans get them to vote for Democrats in November? Click Here for Details

Who IS Shelling the Nuclear Plant in Ukraine?

Russia and Ukraine are blaming each other for endangering nuclear facility Click Here for Story

The Left Will Do Anything to Retain Power

Swatting becomes the left’s newest way to hurt Republicans Click Here for Details

Pedo Caught on Camera

Little girl avoids abduction and the perp is caught Click Here for Details

World Wide CCP Influence

The Chinese Communist Party is digging deep into every country on the planet Click Here for Story

Biden Infecting America…Is It On Purpose?

Biden’s DHS is releasing Covid positive immigrants into America Click Here for Details

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