The News YOU Need to Know Sunday December 27, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Fighting Solo?

Is POTUS fighting against the Deep State and Globalism by himself? Click Here for Story

Lying Fauci

Is it alright for the government to lie to you? Click Here for Details

State Budget 2022: Not Too Early to Cut Corporate and Industry Handouts

Michigan needs a fair field for all and favors for none Read more

The Dominion Connenction

Smartmatic, Dominion and Sequoia are all connected Click Here for Details

Betrayed … By Republicans?

Why are so many Republicans ignoring the stolen election? Click Here for Story

Government as Santa

Read more

Will Nancy Lead in 2021?

Does the Current House Speaker have the staying power? Click Here for Details

The Latest Weapon Against Covid

Potential looks good Click Here for Story

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