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Be Outraged: Your Government is Conspiring Against Americans

Working at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) | Glassdoor

FBI Was Meeting Regularly With Twitter and Social Media to suspend accounts and hide information damaging to Democrats Click Here for Story

Gingrich Warns Incoming Republicans

Gingrich Is Willing to Testify to Jan. 6 Panel, His Lawyer Says - The New  York Times

Don’t underestimate Biden (or those who control him) Click Here for Details

Did Twitter Interfere in Brazil Election Too?

Musk teases another document dump Click Here for Story

Democrats Didn’t Stand by Railroad Workers

Unions and employees should be angry at Biden and the Demcorat’s failures to help in negotiating Click Here for Details

Is Zelenskyy The Real Nazi?

Ukraine’s President is considering banning Russian Orthodox Christian Churches Click Here for Story

Freudian Slip From Obama?

Which “uncle Joe” was Obama talking about Click Here for Details

Elon Musk Should Not Cave To European Threats

Tesla sinks on Elon Musk stock sales, Twitter distraction

Free Speech is an inherent right not a government granted right Click Here for Story

Far Left in Your Face at WaPo

Washington Post Communications Chief is a notable Far Left Activist Click Here for Story

From the Science Side…

Nuclear Submarine was buzzed by a supersonic unidentified object…while submerged in the 1990’s? Click Here for Story

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