The News YOU Need to Know Sunday December 6, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

The Truth And Everyone Knows It

POTUS talks about the Democrat cheat in Georgia Click Here for Story

Phony Ballots

China was manufacturing and sending phony ballots to the US Click Here for Story

Flat Out Idiot

Never Trumper Rick Wilson fans flames of intolerance and hate Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Early December Virus Spike Mirrored Nationwide

Restrictions ordered Nov. 18 did not stamp out the spread

No Integrity

US election shows how much ethics have degenerated in the Democrat party Click Here for Details

Exposing the Scam

Doctor loses license after exposing the fearmongering over Covid Click Here for Details

Dirty Detroit

Witness tells how Democrats threw out GOP poll watchers Click Here for Story

The Plan

Democrats had no choice but to cheat Click Here for Details

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