The News YOU Need to Know Sunday February 18, 2024 The DailyDrift.Com

FAFO: Time to Quarantine The Liberals?

What if Truckers stopped moving products into the crazed liberal bastions that are destroying our country? Click Here for Story

Oh So Now EVs Aren’t Such A Good Idea After All?

Biden admin will roll back its economy killing EV push? Click Here for Story

Michigan population, job numbers fall behind national trends

Michigan jobs and population numbers fail to follow national trend

Good Riddance Lurch?

John Kerry has overstayed his welcome in politics Click Here for Story

The Rematch is Inevitable?

Democrat donors will stick with Biden, they have no other option Click Here for Details

Governments cite debunked ALICE study to justify welfare spending

United Way’s methodology miscalculates and overstates poverty Click Here for Story

Backstabber Bill Would Support Trump?

Did deep state Bill Barr just endorse Donald Trump? Click Here for Details

Qatar IS On the Wrong Side

Why does the Middle East country of Qatar continually support Hamas Terrorists? Click Here for Story

Ivy League Stupidity

Students from Brown University go on hunger strike in support of Hamas?? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Has the age clock been discovered? Click Here for Details

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