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FBI Shows Its Corruption Again

Refusing to provide FOIA documents over the murder of January 6th protester Ashli Babbitt Click Here for Story

Biden’s Border Lie

Even liberal talk show host Bill Maher knows Biden is lying when he says he can’t control the border with his current powers Click Here for Details

Texas IS Proving Joe Biden Wrong…

Since Texas has seized control of its border from the Feds they are beginning Click Here for Details

Michigan lawmakers propose a new tax for paint, citing need for lead abatement

Reported cases of lead poisoning dropped by more than half between 2012 and 2022 Read more

Turning California?

Is Maine the next State to go fascistically liberal like California? Click Here for Story

Detroit developer gets $6M in state funds for renovations to century-old apartment building

The latest in millions of public money spent on a vacant building Read more


Destroying the economy with your policies and blaming others Click Here for Story

Michigan’s Islamic Capitol?

Dearborn Michigan is home to one of the strongest concentrations of arabs outside of the Middle East and they aren’t very happy with Joe Biden right now Click Here for Story

Tiniest “Blow Out” Ever In South Carolina Primary

The media is quick to put out massive headlines of Joe Biden getting 96% in the South Carolina Democratic primary problem is there was only a 4% turnout! Click Here for Story


New study shows the Covid vaccines are having very bad side effects Click Here for Details

Strikes In Middle East Continue

US continues strikes against terror targets across the Middle East Click Here for Story

RFK Jr Scares Democrat and Republican Elites…

The uni-party is scared that RFK Jr just like Trump is not under their control and could win Click Here for Details

Rotting From the Head Down…

Joe Biden is the only one seemingly suffering from mental decline in the White House Click Here for Story

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