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American Military At Its Worst Under Biden

Military finally shoots down China’s military balloon 6 miles off Carolina coast after crossing the US and it may not be able to reach the wreckage with salvage ship before the Chinese?? Click Here for Story

Theories on China’s Spy Balloons

Is there more than just intel collection? Click Here for Story

Will Congress Expose the FBI Censorship Program?

Hearings are set to find out how much the FBI was influencing social media and silencing American’s voices Click Here for Details

In Escanaba, $200M for a paper mill, but no new jobs required

The paper mill does not have to create new jobs, only to retain its 1,200-person headcount as of October 2022 Read more

So Much for Global Warming?

teaser image

Record lows at New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington Observatory Click Here for Details

The Government Big Tech Revolving Door

This photo combo of images shows logos for Apple, Meta, Google and Amazon. (AP Photo)

As Big Tech and Social Media companies layoff thousands the National Security Agency is hiring them Click Here for Story

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