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DOJ Shows Its Corruption

Litman: The special counsel appointment in the Biden case tells us  something new about Merrick Garland - Los Angeles Times

The Department of In-Justice won’t share information with Rep Jim Jordan’s new investigative committees as they try to protect the Bidens Click Here for Story

Standing Up Against Bad Foreign Actors…

When the Federal government won’t protect US citizens from evil foreign nations and businesses its up to the States to do it Click Here for Story

Michigan voters have rejected constitutional conventions since the 1970s

In 2026, voters will be asked again whether there should be a constitutional convention

The Biden Open Border

New record numbers of illegals crossing the border in December. When will someone be held accountable for not protecting the US and its citizens? Click Here for Story

DANGER: Why Are We Letting China Buy Our Farms?

There may be no more dangerous a policy than letting China buy American farmland Click Here for Story

Hollywood Evil: Yes Its Real

Yet another Hollywood actor accidentally shows their predilection for evil and sick child abuse with their art choices? Click Here for Story

Schumer Still Pushing the Phony January 6th Narrative

The U.S.S. Arizona at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

The January 6th protests are the fault of Pelosi and the Democrats yet they still want to paint it as more devastating than 9/11 or Pearl harbor Click Here for Details

California Stupid

California has always been drought stricken so why haven’t they built reservoirs in 4 decades to hold the storm water? Click Here for Story

Unlawful Atlanta

There’s an Antifa Autonomous zone in Atlanta? You can guess how that is going? Click Here for Story

Exorcising Herself?

Nancy Pelosi has exorcism performed in her home? Click Here for Story

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