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DEI Endangers YOU!

Out of control diversity policies are now endangering the American public Click Here for Story


The US is under a full scale invasion while Biden and the Democrats encourage it Click Here for Story

Dementia Joe

It can’t get any clearer that Joe Biden’s dementia is worsening Click Here for Story

Driving Up Energy Costs Ends Industrialization

The Western world will become the 3rd world if it loses industry due to high energy costs Click Here for Details

Eating Their Own

Liberal pro-Palestinians attack Democrat Senator John Fetterman in his home Click Here for Story

Weaponized Court System

E. Jean Carroll

E Jean Caroll’s civil case against Donald Trump was completely based on politics not facts. The US court system has now been completely weaponized by the left Click Here for Story

Dumbing Down the Navy?

US Navy will no longer require a High School diploma? Click Here for Details

Another Bad California Idea…

And will Democrats push it on the rest of the country Click Here for Story

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