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Building Back Worse

Thought 2021 was bad? Wait for it, 2022 to get worse Click Here for Story

9 Things Democrats and Media are Ignoring

They don’t want America to think about or talk about these growing problems Click Here for Details

The Truth About “Hospitalizations”

Hospitals aren’t filled because of just Covid Click Here for Details

Billions In Federal COVID Bucks And Detroit Schools Can’t Provide Some Pencils?

The story that teachers pay out-of-pocket for supplies even less plausible than usual

Weakening America

Biden’s woke generals are weakening the US military while Russia and China grow in strength Click Here for Details

Lyin Biden Admin?

Most jobs ever under a President? Sorry Joe…. Click Here for Story

High Covid Rates?

new york city mask

Yes the most are in blue states? Click Here for Details

Florida Has the Second Lowest Deaths in the Nation

DeSantis and company are running Florida right when it comes to Covid Click Here for Story

Biden Hiding Border Report

IS the crisis so bad the Biden Admin is delaying report? Click Here for Details

Democrats Dividing the Country

A house divided amongst itself cannot long stand Click Here for Story

The Schumer Power Grab

Ending the filibuster is about Democrats seizing power from average Americans Click Here for Story

SCOTUS Stupidity

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor pushes false Covid information Click Here for Details

Elitist Incompetence?

Biden and Pelosi

Why does America a seem to allow itself to be ruled by the weakest and dumbest? Click Here for Story

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