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America Beware

Former Yugoslavian warns Americans that what they are seeing from the left in American cities now is exactly what destroyed Yugoslavia Click Here for Story and Video


Democrats want to still focus on climate change to get Trump voters? Click Here for Story

Moving Michigan Backward

Will Whitmer try to shutdown Michigan again? Click Here for Details

No Hospitalized COVID Patients, Hospital 38% Full, State Calls Hillsdale County Risk ‘Medium-High’

State officials not amused that college there held live graduation ceremony

Don’t Plant These Seeds

Mystery seeds coming from China showing up in people’s mailboxes Click here for Story

Media Dramatizes Spike In New Covid Cases, Downplays Plummeting Deaths

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NFAC militia member accidentally shoots 3 of his own members? Click Here for Story

Harris the Favorite?

Kamala Harris seen as the front runner for VP for the Dems Click Here for Story

Riots in America

Democrats allow cities to be overwhelmed by terrorists Click Here for Story

MLB Sends the Wrong Message

But one player isn’t buying it Click Here for Details

Democrats Not Good for Hispanics

Hispanic campaign workers for Biden campaign claim toxic culture at DNC Click Here for Story

Yes It Was Spying

New documents show Trump campaign was illegally spied on Click Here for Details

What’s Wrong with Roberts?

READ: Justice Gorsuch Torches Roberts and the Liberal Wing of SCOTUS in Nevada Church Case...In One Paragraph

Latest SCOTUS decision doesn’t make sense? Click Here for Story

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