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Majority Supports Police

2/3 of Americans do not support defunding the police Click Here for Story

The Big Roar

Niagara Falls is running huge this year with record Great Lakes water levels Click Here for Details

Wayne Prosecutor Endorsed By Attorney General Nessel Seized Poor Peoples’ Cars

Took more than 2,600 cars over two years in aggressive sting operationRead more

Real Justice Coming?

Will these rioters get the real justice they deserve? Click Here for Story

Whitmer Agrees Armed Blacks At Capitol Would Be Killed; These Weren’t

Read more

POTUS at West Point

Stresses unity for cadets at graduation ceremony Click Here for Story

The Beastly Beauty?

Kim Jong Un’s sister threatens South Korea Click Here for Details

Seattle Chaos

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.  (Getty Images)

Seattle Police Chief says they cannot get to rape and robbery victims in autonomous zone Click Here for Details

Hypocrite Hillary

Hillary Clinton

Says nothing about Coronavirus amid violent protests but criticizes peaceful Trump rallies? Click Here for Story

The Kneeling Agenda

Average Americans have nothing to apologize for Click Here for Details

Phony Joe

Biden claims to be tough on China and its a complete lie Click Here for Story

Tennessee Tough

Tennessee Gov. Says Seattle-Like Autonomous Zone Won't Be Allowed in Nashville

State of Tennessee won’t put up with Seattle style protests Click Here for Details

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