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Election Tampering: The Phony Trump Conviction

Hear from Trump how he knew the Trial was rigged for a conviction to help Democrats have an election narrative to help Biden for the 2024 election Click Here for Story

Total Bullsh!t…


DOJ says AI deep fakes is why they won’t release the Biden Hur interview video? Click Here for Story

Financial Downfall for France

France gets a downgrade to its credit Click Here for Story

Libs Can’t Hide From Their Covid Actions

Watch: 'Dishonest' Chris Cuomo gets 'absolutely bodied' by Dave Smith in ivermectin debate when libertarian brings receipts

Chris Cuomo now injured by vaccines gets schooled for his actions and words during Covid Click Here for Details

Korean Balloon Wars?

North Korea sends balloons with trash into South Korea after South Korean activists sent flyers into North Korea? Click Here for Story

New York’s Shame

Manhattan citizen jurists are either the most gullible people on the planet or just biased to the point of evil Click Here for Details

The US Has Lithium Deposits?

Yes and its in “Coal Country” ? Click Here for Story

NATO Warmongers

Russia warns NATO countries and their rhetoric are pushing for a wider war Click Here for Details

Intentional Misfeasance

Democrats use of lawfare and judicial system abuse makes Trump’s phony conviction easy to overturn on appeal? Click Here for Story

The Facist US Government Seizing Alternative Media

If you’re not touting the government propaganda you’re supposed to the government will target you Click Here for Details

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