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NATO Grifting Into the Ukraine Money Scam

Instead of seeking peace through talks and negotiations NATO is amping up war rhetoric against Russia and Putin Click Here for Story

NOT A Vaccine?

9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules mRNA Covid shots are NOT a vaccine and the manufacturers may not have legal protections for induced injuries? Click Here for Story

Michigan Mystery

Freighter in Lake Superior strikes unknown object? Click Here for Story

Pro-Palestinian Protesters Get Violent at the White House

The non-American first crowd shows its hate once again Click Here for Story

AI Has Learned to Lie Masterfully…

Just like its progressive liberal developers Click Here for Details

A Loss for Soros

An American hating, Soros funded prosecutor loses his case to Governor DeSantis in Florida’s Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Not A Coincidence

President Nayib Bukele: Seeking God's ...

The Evil we are seeing in the world is actually that and El Salvoador’s President tells us exactly what kind of evil the criminals he locked up in his country are Click Here for Details

Results of A Weak President

Biden’s weakness has emboldened Russia to send warships to Cuba Click Here for Story


Lithium is being found in fracking process wastewater Click Here for Details

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