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Granholm Wants The US to Learn From China?

Energy & Environment — Biden energy chief pushes back on GOP bill | The Hill

Once again the Biden Admin shows it wants to be like the Chinese Communist Government Click Here for Story

Olbermann Idiot

Discover the Networks

Liberal former media anchor gets owned by Elon Musk Click Here for Story

Financial Apocalypse?

Is the Biden economy driving the US into a financial crisis Click Here for Details

U.S. House, Senate vote to declassify docs on COVID-19 origins

Senate gives unanimous consent; Michigan House delegation opposes in party-line vote Read more

Will Bank Crisis Make Fed Drop Rates?

The Fed was ready to raise rates again to stop inflation but with a bank failure issue could it reverse course? Click Here for Story

Why this Michigan paraprofessional left AFSCME

AFSCME has seen its Michigan membership fall by 49% since 2012, when right-to-work was signed into law Read more

Report: TikTok banned on state of Michigan devices — except for Whitmer

MLive reports that governor is the sole state employee who has sought the TikTok exemption Read more

China Joe

How Should Biden Handle China? - The Atlantic

Now even a third of Democrats believe Joe Biden is compromised by China Click Here for Story

Cleaning Up Voter Rolls

Republican controlled states are cleaning up the voters rolls to prevent more stolen election Click Here for Details

Free the Shaman?

Elon Musk calls for freeing the QAnon Shaman after released videos show he was not a violent insurrectionist like the Democrats and media made him out to be Click Here for Story

Is Mexico Becoming a Clear and Present Danger to America?

American tourists being kidnapped and killed and now the Mexican government wants to interfere in US elections? Click Here for Story

A Real Apology?

Naomi Wolf , a liberal progressive feminist author, journalist and former political advisor to Al Gore and Bill Clinton, penned a remarkable letter of apology to conservatives, Republicans, and MAGA fans after Fox News aired previously censored video footage of the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol incursion.

Leftist journalist apologizes after release of January 6th video footage Click Here for Story

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