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Well ,Well, The US Government Now Admits Ivermectin Was Good?

Ivermectin and COVID-19: Busting the Myth

FDA agrees to remove warnings about using Ivermectin against Covid. They flat out lied and people died Click Here for Story

Deep State in Full Control?

Has the Deep State assumed full control of the government and is that why we are seeing such outrageous un-Constitutional behavior from Federal Departments? Click Here for Story

Spending Bill Favored Democrats…

How can the Republicans really be in control of the House when they let Democrats lead? Click Here for Story

Bidenomics Doesn’t Work for Women

American women are not buying the Bidenomics agenda of Joe Biden and his Democrats Click Here for Story

After decade-long saga, Wayne County to move to new jail

Wayne County went $100 million over budget, even more than the Fail Jail

The Threat of RFK Jr. to the Dems?

RFK Jr. running mate announcement to be made in Oakland

Democrats are suddenly scared of Kennedy’s independent run Click Here for Story

Court halts demolition of Roosevelt School

Sixth Circuit Court issues temporary restraining order to stop district from tearing down historic school building Read more

Democrats Are Always Racist

And it just spills from their mouths Click Here for Details

Biden’s IRS IS Helping Fund Hamas?

Ties to UN group UNRWA are highly suspect Click Here for Story

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