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Biden’s Lies Are Causing More Division

When conservative states implement common sense election reform it is not denying the right to vote Click Here for Story

Whitmer signs referendum-proof right-to-work repeal

Whitmer violates own directive in signing bill with appropriation attached, to put it beyond the voice of voters

Corporal Punishment in Schools

Alleged “Studies” show its bad for students but since most schools stopped it decades ago student behavior has only gotten worse Click Here for Details

Making Trump Stronger

Indictment talk against Trump is only increasing his support among voters Click Here for Story

Can America Wake Up?

Are Americans beginning to wake up to the fact of China using Tik Tok as part of their propaganda war against the US? Click Here for Details

Fedsurrection: Feds Wanted Violence at January 6th?

Undercover Federal agents were trying to get protesters to throw Molotov cocktails at the protest? Click Here for Story

Trump in Texas

Former President Donald Trump s restarts his rallies in Texas Click Here for Details

Safer Bets for Your Money

Where to put your cash when the banks are in crisis Click Here for Story

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