The News YOU Need to Know Sunday March 27, 2022 TheDailyDriftCom

Another Setback for Russian Command?

IS this truly the seventh Russian General killed in Ukraine? Click Here for Story

Time to Dump Mitt

RINO Senator Mitt Romney needs to be unelected and fast Click Here for Story

All Republicans NEED to Say No…

To Ketanji Jackson Brown for SCOTUS, she is too radical Click Here for Details

Did The Crime, Served The Time — And Now He Can Make A Living

Scores of occupations require a Michigan license; until recently, this barred those with a record

Biden’s Digital Currency

Why you should be very concerned Click Here for Details

Biden Makes Pain At the Pump

Democrats have once again proven they want to hurt Americans not help them Click Here for Story

Truth Telling

Former Congresswoman Michelle Bachman tells it like it is Click Here for Story

Rabidly Demented Joe Biden Pushes for War

Calling for regime change in Russia is ridiculously dangerous Click Here for Story

How Did We Raise These Students?

Law students call for end to free speech, judges look to withhold clerkships on them…as they should Click Here for Details

…And Right on Cue the White House Walks Back Demented Joe Comments

How much longer can Joe Biden be left in the Presidency? Click Here for Story

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