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Happy Easter!

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The Results of An Open Border…

Tuberculosis is on the rise Click Here for Story

Biden Insults Christians

Declares Easter as the “Transgender Day of Visibility” Click Here for Story

Consequences of Not Doing Her Job…

New York’s Leticia James spends time trying to prosecute Trump while New York City property taxes go unpaid by others Click Here for Story

Foster family charged by Nessel were plaintiffs against her in 2019

Flore family’s involvement in two cases was ‘coincidental,’ says spokesman for Michigan AG

Limiting Governor Beshear

Kentucky Republicans move to strip power from Democratic governor, ultimately helping Senate GOP

Kentucky State Legislature moves to limit the Governor’s ability to appoint a US Senator if a vacancy occurs because the Democrat Governor would not commit to following the law. Why do Democrats continually flout the rule of law? Click Here for Story

Trump Media Defies Expectations

Taking Truth Social and the Trump media company public was huuuge Click Here for Story

No Equal Prosecution?

Leticia James faces pressure to prosecute Jon Stewart for doing the same thing she accuses Donald Trump of… Click Here for Story

New Yorkers SHOULD Worry…

If the law can be used to abuse political adversaries then the people and businesses of New York should be worried they are next Click Here for Story

A Big No Go For John Cornyn

Republican Senator John Cornyn does not stand for the 2nd Amendment and that immediately disqualifies him for GOP Senate leadership Click Here for Details and Video

“Peace” Officers?

Police men in Palestine open fire on Israeli school bus filled with children Click Here for Story

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