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The US is Back!

NASA/SpaceX successfully launches crewed Dragon Capsule Click Here for Story

Who Is Behind the Riots?

Those arrested in Minneapolis are outsiders Click Here for Details

Outside Seating the Answer?

Ann Arbor mulls closing streets to let restaurants expand outdoor seating Click Here for Story

Who Is Fear Mongering?

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Less Driving Means Fewer Gas Taxes

Road funding will be affected by the pandemic

CNN Gets Its Karma

CNN HQ attacked by rioters Click Here for Story

Blasting CNN

Atlanta rapper calls out CNN for inciting fear and anger Click Here for Story

Turn Coat

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Chief Justice Roberts sides with liberals again Click Here for Details


Antifa and the radical left turning protests into riots Click Here for Story

How Black Trump Supporters Feel

George Floyd’s murder by police is another problem for the LEO community Click Here for Story

Calling Up the Guard

National guard moves in to help with riots Click Here for Details

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