The News YOU Need to Know Sunday November 15, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Million MAGA March

Supporters of President Donald Trump attend pro-Trump marches Saturday in Washington, dee see

Huge Trump support March hits DC Click Here for Story

Noem Says No

Governor Noem says her state won’t follow a Biden national mask mandate if he’s elected Click Here for Story


Deer hunting licensing system has issues the day before hunting season opens Click Here for Details

State’s Chief Medic: Be Smart And Loved Ones May Not Be Dead Next Thanksgiving

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Do We Have Enough Proof?

Analysis seems to point to election fraud Click Here for Details

The Left Attacks

BLM and Antifa attack peaceful Trump supporters in Washington DC Click Here for story

Evidence of Bad Democrat Policies

People leaving Democrat run cities for the suburbs Click Here for Story

Yes There IS Fraud

Even the FEC Chairman says so Click Here for Details

Doesn’t Make Sense

He underperformed Hillary so how could he win? Click Here for Details

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