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Would a Manchin run for President push Biden out? Click Here for Details

More Phony Nazis?

Are the Feds involved in pushing phony white supremacy in Wisconsin? Click Here for Story

Michigan Democrats Playing Election Games?

New primary date could have ill effects for the GOP primary Click Here for Details

The Lies in Georgia

Yes there was election errors …and fraud Click Here for Details

Internal Ukraine Problems

IS there a split between Zelenskyy and his top Generals? Click Here for Story

The Gates Epstein Connection?

Was there more than pedophilia accusations tying Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein together? Click Here for Details

Obama To Blame for Present Day Hamas?

Did Obama policies strengthen the terror group? Click Here for Story

Fox Is NOT Conservative

Just the controlled opposition to the liberal media Click Here for Details

Out of Touch Moron

Gavin Newsom tries to tell America inflation is just a lie?? Click Here for Story

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