The News YOU Need to Know Sunday October 17, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Psaki: The Lawbreaker

Federal employees aren’t supposed to endorse candidates and campaigns? Click Here for Details

More Corruption Under AG Garland

Typical Democrat corruption from the Biden Administration Click Here for Story

Michigan State Police Spending Getting More State Money, Not Less

More Islamic Terror in the UK

Muslim stabs British lawmaker to death Click Here for Story

Liberal Infighting

Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin spar over the $3.5 Trillion spending package that will bankrupt America Click Here for Story

Showing Her Stupidity

Lack of common sense is the hallmark of the Biden Administration Click Here for Story

The Real Feelings of Americans

They want smaller government and lower taxes Click Here for Details

Where IS the #MeToo Movement


When liberals rape and abuse women the #MeToo movement seems to disappear Click Here for Story

Pfizer Hiding From Reporters

Abortion fetal cells in the vaccine? Pfizer doesn’t want to talk about it Click Here for Story

Soros Attacking Your Safety

Billionaire George Soros once again working against the American people?Click Here for Details

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