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Update on POTUS Health

Donald Trump

President feeling better under treatment at Walter Reed hospital Click Here for Details

Vote for Your Wallet

Republican controlled states are performing better than Democrat controlled states Click here for Story

Coronavirus Rulings and Michigan

Whitmer orders called into question Click Here for Details

Truck Stop Fined For No ‘Keep Out If Sick’ Signs, Hand-Sanitizer Violations, More

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The Vile Leftists

Wishing death on Republicans and Trump staff Click Here for Story

Pneumonia Killed More Americans This Year Than COVID-19

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Can a Stimulus Deal be Reached?

Will POTUS diagnosis help push a Covid stimulus deal? Click Here for Story

Partaking in Pot

Legalization has moved marijuana into the mainstream Click Here for Details

Fed Debt Skyrocketing

Covid crisis is throwing debt accumulation into overdrive Click Here for Details

POTUS Doing Well

President is so far doing well with Covid treatment Click Here for Story

Life Under the Green New Deal

You won’t like it Click Here for Story

Lies from Cuomo?

Is the New York Governor lying about sending infected people to nursing homes? Click Here for Details

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