The News YOU Need to Know Sunday September 13, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Black Voters Shifting Right

Donald Trump

More African Americans are seeing through the Democrat scam Click Here for Details

Seeing the Light

Even in liberal Ann Arbor parents are seeing that schools need to open Click Here for Details

Michigan Woman Could Be Key To Changing Federal Labor LawRead more

Truth Hurts

Former and Long time Liberal Leo Terrell berates the View over its hypocrisy Click Here for Details

The Awakening

Q is spreading around the globe as people realize there is something sickeningly wrong with the world’s elite and powerful Click Here for Details

Bad Choice

NFL losing support after they support criminals, rapists and BLM Click Here for Story

Caught Red Handed ?

Biden campaign spokesperson caught in lie over Biden using teleprompter to answer questions? Click Here for Details

Liberals Normalizing Child Sex

Its sick and its wrong but the Democrats and liberals don’t think so Click Here for Story

Ending Senseless Wars

POTUS is fulfilling his promise of stopping American involvement in endless wars around the globe Click Here for Details

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