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Open View of the Corruption

Igor Danchenko, dossier source, pleads not guilty to lying to FBI

Danchenko was paid by the FBI/DOJ? Misinformation campaign by corrupt FBI and DOJ staff and leadership is now irrefutable? Click Here for Story

Step Back Up Republicans

Mitch McConnell criticizes the RNC for censuring GOP Reps. Cheney and  Kinzinger : NPR

Senate GOP candidates need money and its not going to come from Elitist RINO Mitch McConnell Click Here for Story

Tim Ryan: Anti-Police?

Legal run ins with police has Democrat Senate candidate on bad footing with Ohio State Police? Click Here for Details

Military May Have Broken Law on Vaccine Exemptions?

Yet another woke military disaster in the making due to Democrat policies that don’t follow science Click Here for Story

Government Big Tech Collusion

Its quite clear corporate big tech is now just propaganda for the government deep state Click Here for Details

More Government Lies About January 6th

Jan 6th Committee gets caught in yet another phony evidence scam Click Here for Story

Peace in The Middle East

Trump made better progress than any previous administration Click Here for Details and Video

Biden Admin Moves Illegals Anywhere He Wants…

But he complains if Republican governors do it to protect their own state? Click Here for Story

History Repeating

Benjamin Harrison, left, poses in 1899. President Joe Biden speaks in the East Room of the White House on Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Biden seems to be repeating the mistakes of President Harrison in 1890s? Click Here for Details

The Shame That Is Harvard

Terrorists and their supporters seem to find a home at Ivy League Harvard Click Here for Story

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