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Thanks Joe… 3.5% inflation for March Click Here for Story

Musk vs Brazil

Elon says he will release a document dump on Brazil’s request for censoring as soon as his employees in Brazil are safe Click Here for Details

There Is NO Right to Abortion in the Constitution

The word never even appears in the Constitution and thereby it is a State power and responsibility. The citizens of each state bear the right and responsibility to deal with abortion laws as they see fit Click Here for Story

Hack Attack?

FBI Director Christopher Wray delivered the chilling warning

The FBI warns China may be getting ready to unleash hacking attacks on the US. Maybe the FBI should spend more time on China than the phony threats of “MAGA Patriots” and “White Nationalists”? Click Here for Story

No free lunch: Students aren’t embracing Michigan’s no-cost school meals

There’s been a mere 8% increase in students eating taxpayer-paid school lunches in Michigan

Planetary Disaster in the Making?

Scientists just test-fired a cloud device over American soil with the ultimate aim of blocking sunlight

What could possibly go wrong with a program designed to limit sunlight on our planet ? Click Here for Details

A New Level of Stupid In Congress

If you thought island flipping Hank or AOC are the dumbest Congresspersons in the House think again as Sheila Jackson Lee gives her thoughts on the moon Click Here for Story

Will Senate Majority Leader McConnell Halt Impeachment?

IS Schumer about to be Hidin for Biden? Click Here for Story

Alex Jones Will Sue the CIA?

Undercover footage exposes the corrupt Federal government targeting Americans like Alex Jones Click Here for Details

Its A Tad Too Quiet in the Taiwan Strait?

China’s belligerency near Taiwan is oddly quiet recently Click Here for Story

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