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The Fall Of America

Biden Admin is guiding America into a disaster akin to the fall of Rome Click Here for Story

Good Riddance Cheney

Cheney: The Jan. 6 committee could refer a criminal case against Trump

Liz Cheney got trumped in the Wyoming election but like all elected elitists she made $ millions while she was a Congressperson Click Here for Story

Whitmer’s tax holiday for school supplies is just another gimmick

After vetoing multiple tax relief proposals, Whitmer floats a tax holiday she knows will not pass

The Corruption of the “Inflation Reduction Act”

It won’t help it will hurt Americans but will help the Chinese? Click Here for Story

For Rochester schools’ diversity vendors, equity is good business

FOIA lawsuit against Rochester Community Schools has yielded a list of authors, but requested classroom materials denied so far Read more

Another Problem for Alleged Covid “Cures”

“Paxlovid Mouth” is a growing problem for users Click Here for Story

Denying the Obvious?

Pfizer tries to spin the fact that 44% of pregnant women in the vaccine trial lost the babies? Click Here for Story

Sarah’s Return?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin addresses supporters at the opening of her new campaign headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska, on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Palin, the first Republican female vice presidential nominee, is among 48 candidates running for the Alaska's lone seat in the U.S. House following the death last month of Republican Rep. Don Young, who held the job for 49 years. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen)

Could Sarah Palin be back in politics? Click Here for Details

American School System Is Degrading

Why are we teaching 3 year olds this? Click Here for Story

FBI Thieves?

FBI personnel grabbed everything they could making their questionable raid possibly criminal? Click Here for Details

Brutal IRS Audits

Texas ranchers already experiencing abusive IRS are middle class Americans next? Click Here for Story

Did Bill Gates Buy Off Joe Manchin?

Bloomberg News Exposes Eco-Hypocrite Billionaire Bill Gates' Involvement to  Save Biden Climate Bill | Newsbusters

Gates may have been instrumental in persuading Senator Joe Manchin to sign on to the alleged “Inflation Reduction Act”? Click Here for Details

Question Authority

The federal government needs to be questioned now more than ever Click Here for Story

7 Dead Doctors in 14 Days?

Why are Canadian doctors dying shortly after Covid booster shots? Click Here for Details

Border Patrol At Odds with Texas National Guard?


Aug. 18, 2022: Illegal immigrants seek entry to the U.S. at the southern border.

exas National Guard closes and locks gate to keep illegals out of US and the US Border Patrol comes right in and UNLOCKS it! Click Here for Story

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