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Its The Border Stupid…

Biden’s open border crisis could well cost him the election Click Here for Story

Biased News? You Bet…

Shockingly only 3.4 % of journalists are Republicans Click Here for Details

Biden infrastructure law was a $30B push for EVs

What will become of the EV when subsidies dry up?

Democrats Want An Open Border…

And the Democrat run Senate won’t convict on impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas Click Here for Story

Whose Side is Senator Lankford On?

“Bipartisan” border deal is no deal for the US citizen Click Here for Story

Warning US But Doing Nothing?

Instead of stopping international hackers the FBI spends more time investigating citizens? Click Here for Story

Open Border Collusion

Why would immigration officials meet with those who want to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Click Here for Details

Protesters Head to Border Crisis

How will convoy affect the Biden Open Border Crisis Click Here for Story

Open Border Terrorism

Its not just illegals crossing into the US Click Here for Details

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