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A Step In The Right Direction

House Republicans impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas for failing to protect our border. Biden should be next. Click Here for Details

The Biggest I Told You So…

New information shows the Obama Admin and its Intel Agencies asked foreign intel community to spy on Trump Click Here for Details

COVID cash grew government in Michigan

Government jobs accounted for 32% of job growth in 2023

CBDC Propagandizing Has Begun

Are our schools trying to brainwash children into using only digital currency? Click Here for Story

Problems For Biden in Michigan

Some Democrats are pulling support from Joe Biden in Michigan Click Here for Story

Pipe Bomb Conspiracy Coming True?

Capitol Police diverted all CCTV cameras away from DNC pipe bomb investigation — except one

Its looking more and more like there was some illicit shenanigans from the DC Capitol Police, FBI and Secret Service on the alleged January 6th pipe bomb incident? Click Here for Story

Not A Bellwether for 2024 Election?

The loss of George Santos seat may not be a tell tale of fall election results but it does show that House Republicans are dumber than Democrats for giving up this seat Click Here for Details

The Stupidity of A Menthol Cigarette Ban

Black market menthol cigarettes banned by the Biden Admin will only open up a black market and fund terrorists and cartels Click Here for Story

Evidence Growing Against Biden

Has the deep state decided to throw old Joe under the bus and stop protecting him? Click Here for Details

Doomed to Repeat Our Mistakes

Once again the world is forgetting history or in some cases re-writing it and committing the same mistakes we’ve made in the past Click Here for Story

Using Our Own Money Against Us?

SOURCE: Zelenskiy Regime Spent $100M Of US Aid Money On Lobbyists In DC To Influence Congressional Vote For Additional Funds To Kyiv

Ukrainian President Zelensky is using our aid money to lobby our own politicians…for more money? Click Here for Story

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