The News YOU Need to Know Thursday February 22, 2024 TheDailyDrift.Com

New York Stalinism

Corrupt New York is looking to seize Trump assets over their phony law suit, businesses in New York need to get out Click Here for Story

Move Over Michigan

The State of Michigan wants you to make room for the illegals and serve them Click Here for Story

Michigan’s new growth plan: Open homes to refugees

Sponsors are expected to help refugees find housing, jobs and schooling

Migrants First

New York is really rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants Click Here for Story

Pence Against the People

Once again former VP Mike Pence shows his disdain for the will of the people Click Here for Details

Farmer Protest Hits Poland

KRAKOW, POLAND - FEBRUARY 20: Farm tractors drive slowly to block the street in Krakow, Po

Famers block Ukrainian border Click Here for Story

Time to Clean Up Texas

Primary out those Republicans who went after AG Paxton Click Here for Details

Boris the Swindler

Boris Johnson is just another globalist grifter Click Here for Story

China Owns US Media

Its propaganda not news Click Here for Details

Biden THE Choice of Our Enemies

Of course China and Russia want Biden in 2024 he’s owned by China and weak enough to be loved by Putin Click Here for Story

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