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Nikki Can’t Win Against… “None” ?

Baltimore Jewish Life | Nikki Haley Calls Senate 'Most Privileged Nursing  Home In The Country,' Says McConnell Freeze-up Was 'Sad'

Nikki Haley lost the Nevada Primary where Trump wasn’t even on the ballot the winner was “none of the above” Click Here for Story

Goodbye Ronna

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel will now step down Click here for Details

Michigan film credits could cost state $2B over a decade

Extra credits given to women and minority-owned businesses

Abuse of the System to Help the Rich…

Biden give wealthy enclave Martha’s Vineyard a low income status to help with EVs?? Click Here for Details

What’s Going on In Wyoming?

The last spot you’d think would be on the transgender bandwagon? Click Here for Story

Republicans Who Aren’t…

4 Republicans Vote Against Impeaching DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

3 Republicans vote against impeaching DHS Secretary Mayorkas, they support Democrats and an Open Border which endangers Americans Click Here for Details

Mexico Vs China?

Can Mexico replace China as the USA’s new manufacturing and trading partner ? Click Here for Story

Endorsing Terrorism Pays for These Two Congressional Reps

Jamaal Bowman - Happy birthday shout out to Cori Bush, my sister in the  battle for liberation! Honored to be in the fight with you! 🦾 | Facebook

Cori Bush and Jamaal Brown get financial support from terror supporting groups after endorsing Hamas? Click Here for Story

Can We Finally Be Done with Mitch McConnell?

GOP Publicly Attacking McConnell Over Border Bill

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is in the hot seat for pushing the Open Border Bill Click Here for Story

Euro-Fascists Are Scared?

The EU doesn’t want an interview of Russia’s President Putin to be seen and they’ll sanction any journalist trying to ? Click Here for Story

Parasite: Biden Grows Big Government

20% of new jobs created under Joe Biden Admin are government jobs Click Here for Details

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