The News YOU Need to Know Thursday January 13, 2022, TheDailyDrift.Com

It Does Work And They Hid and Denied You From Getting It?

Washington Bureaucrats knew these therapeutics worked Click Here for Story

Americans Support the Filibuster

But Democrats try to get rid of it Click Here for Story

Follow HIS Money

Fauci: why the public wasn't told to wear masks when the coronavirus  pandemic began | TheHill

Fauci lied to the Senate again? Let’s see Fauci’s financials and where his money is coming from Click Here for Story

California Will Pay for Illegals Health Care

California recall election: What to know about Gavin Newsom's chances

Your taxes in CA are going up again and here’s one reason Click Here for Details

Completely Out of Touch

Joe Biden's 12 worst gaffes of all time

Biden Admin says they are helping inflation?? Click Here for Story

Inflation Soars, Thanks Joe…

Inflation now highest in 40 years due to Democrat and Biden policies Click Here for Details

Power and Control Forever

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer respond to Trump's speech - YouTube

Democrat plans to Federalize elections would put them in control forever, is that what America wants? Click Here for Story

Voter ID IS Common Sense

There is no valid reason not to have voter ID laws in place for elections Click Here for Details

Biden Admin Protecting Iranian Spies?

Why is the Biden team delaying Iranian spy trial for the third time? Click Here for Story

I Love You MaryJane? For Another Reason?

Cannabis compounds help fight Covid ? Click Here for Details

Fauci Should Be In Trouble for His Covid Connections

How much is being hidden from the public? Click Here for Story and Video

Ohhh So Therapeutics Like HCQ and Ivermectin Work Now?

Gates Foundation studies show efficacy that has been previously denied ?Click Here for Story

US Department of Education Is Corrupt Too?

Is there any part of our Federal government that is not screwing Americans over? Click Here for Details

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