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Senator Mark Kelly: Fascist Power Grabber

Arizona’s Senator Mark Kelly joins Dems in supporting the end of the filibuster to push the Democrat power grab which will make Americans subjects of the Federal Government Click Here for Story

And A Democrat Admits Election Takeover Is Socialism…

Just like in Venezuela Click Here for Story

Worthless Boosters

Study shows boosters are worthless as the fist two injections? Click Here for Details

Where Will RINOs Stand?

Can we expect phony conservatives like Romney and Murkowski to side with Democrats on filibuster and federalizing elections? Click Here for Story

Britain To Remove Covid Restrictions

Why the sudden walk back? Is it an admission? Click Here for Details

Michigan Backslides In Moving Company’s 2021 Migration Data

United Van Lines moved more people out of the state than into it

Honesty and Courage

It takes both for a Doctor to stand up against Big Pharma controlled government Click Here for Story

Russia Build Up Near Ukraine Almost Complete?

IS this a power play by Russia or just gaslighting by globalists Click Here for Story

Playing Into The Green Agenda

London will charges driver’s by the mile…are they trying to keep people from freely moving about? Click Here for Story

Misinformed Idiot

Don Lemon spouts off about the unvaccinated ignoring real science in the process which says vaccinated spread Covid as much as unvaccinated Click Here for Story

Breaking the System

The Senate is gaveled to order on Jan. 19, 2022. (Photo: Screen shot)

Everything the Democrats have done since 2021 is designed to break our political system and our economic system Click Here for Details

Democrats ARE Nazis

59% of Democrats support locking down the unvaccinated, its fear and ignorance they follow not science Click Here for Story


Look what is printed on masks being used by Congress Click Here for Details

Paying for Support

Biden Admin is paying back Democrat fundraisers with Envoy and Ambassador positions Click Here for Story

What Are They Thinking?

Nearly a third of Democrats support taking kids away from unvaccinated parents Click Here for Details

Bad Prediction for Tesla?

Could they lose major EV market share in the US? Click Here for Story

Rigging the Vote by Changing the Rules?

If you can steal elections it doesn’t matter how unpopular you or your policies are you’ll still win Click Here for Details

Why Trump IS So Popular

He stands for what average Americans want Click Here for Story

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