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Fighting the Marxist Public Schools

Parents begin fighting back against corrupt and Marxist propagandizing school boards attempting to brainwash children Click Here for Story

John McAfee Found Dead

Allegedly suicide in his prison cell in Spain? Click Here for Details

Do the Audits America

Majority of Americans want full forensic audits of the 2020 election Click Here for Story

Center-Left Interest Group’s Whopper On Michigan Teacher Retirement Benefits

Most private sector workers only dream of such security

More Covid Disinformation?

Is the new Delta variant actually less dangerous not more dangerous as media is reporting? Click Here for Story

Study: Michigan Falls Behind In Recovering From Pandemic

Health status, jobs and economy, travel and leisure return rates here all lagRead more

Russian Angst

Warning shots fired at British destroyer in Black Sea Click Here for Details

Free Speech…Like It or Not

SCOTUS rules for free speech Click Here for Story

What Will We See?

Arizona audit enters its final week Click Here for Details

Moving the Illegals

Why is DHS flying Illegals from border to the interior of the country? Click Here for Details

China’s Hypocrisy

China accuses Canada of Islamophobia as China commits genocide of its own Muslim population Click Here for Details

Fix 2020

Can 2022 election be fair if the 2020 election has not been fixed Click Here for Story

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