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The Can of Worms Fully Opened?

Hunter Biden Sold His Art to a Donor ...

Between Hunter Biden’s Trial now publicly showing the Hunter BIden Laptop is real and official evidence and Congressional investigations the extent of the Biden crime spree is finally being revealed Click Here for Story

Sorry Dana?

Big problem for Michigan AG Dana Nessel’s phony case against alternate electors? Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Caught in Another Lie

This time about insulin and a Fox anchor reminded them Click Here for Story

Over Due But Will It Happen?

Would Speaker Johnson take on the corrupt court system? Click Here for Details

Russia in the Caribbean

A little military tit for tat because the US supplied Ukraine missiles for attacks inside Russia? Click Here for Story

Vaccine Related Deaths?

Its more than just a told you so moment Click Here for Story

Trump Not Looking for Revenge

Media lies again about Trump going after Democrats for revenge Click Here for Story

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