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Climbing the Government Ladder…

Could make it hard for Democrats in 2024 as many Democrat House members want higher positions in the Senate? Click Here for Story

Waking Up to The Climate Scam…

60% of Americans now realize the Climate agenda is more of a power grabbing cult than actual climate science Click Here for Story

Taking Away Worker’s Rights: Michigan Senate passes public sector right-to-work repeal; Whitmer to sign

In consecutive weeks, Michigan House and Senate pass repeal efforts

Covid Fraud

Think Covid funds were abused? You’re spot on Click Here for Story

Don’t Criticize Democrat’s Money Laundering Operation?

Senator Schumer doesn’t like Ron DeSantis criticizing the unlimited money train being sent to Ukraine Click Here for Details

Filling the Gap Left By a Weak US President

China is challenging the world order by stepping into the vaccuum created by a weak and pathetic Biden Administration Click Here for Story

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Once again the Federal government looks to bailout badly run businesses Click Here for Story

Alien Mothership? What?

TOPSHOT - This long exposure picture taken on December 23, 2017 shows the Orion Nebula, as seen from Bago, located 91 kilometres northeast of Yangon. / AFP PHOTO / Ye Aung THU (Photo credit should read YE AUNG THU/AFP via Getty Images)

Pentagon officials talking about alien probes and motherships?? Click Here for Details

Cultural Collapse…

One side affect is the deaths of our own children Click Here for Story

The Dangers of Weakness

Russia’s latest move shows they have no fear of the Biden Admin nor its US military Click Here for Details

Why the Sudden Rise in Cancers in Young People?

Doctors and nurses are noticing the sudden strange rise in cancers among the young Click Here for Story

Strange Bedfellows? Not Really

In politics when it comes to fundraising adversaries can be friends? Click Here for Story

Problems for Credit Suisse

Another bank is in trouble Click Here for Details

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